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Hier findest du eine kleine Auswahl an Maßanfertigungen aller Art.

Robin Buckley from Stranger Things standing infront of fireworks

Fotograf: Doms. Photo

Tsuya as female Jotun Thor, wearing blue bodypaint and royal clothes.

Fotograf: Zillachtaler

Tsuya as Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier wearing a black tacsuit.

Fotograf: FableFox

Voodoopriestess preparing potions in her cave while wearing a skullmask.

Fotograf: lemmingucwcz

Lulu from Final Fantasy X standing in a garden.

Lulu (Final Fantasy) Model & Cosplay: Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt Photographer: Made by Dobrochna

Ygritte from Game of Thrones scouting the snow covered landscape.

Ygritte Model & Cosplay: Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt Photographer: Snowgrimm

A Model is ewaring one of Tsuyas Corsett creations.

Corsage by Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt Photographer: Robert Pichler

Thor (Jane Foster) and Lady Loki arguing.

Model and Cosplay: Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt (Thor) Photographyer: Azur Cosplay Photography

A Model is waring a pleather corsett made by Tsuya.

Corsage by Tsuyas Coslaywerkstatt Photographer: Robert Pichler

Yamiku as Rhys from Teahouse in a royal pose.

Model: Yamiku Cosplay by Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt Photographer: SL Picture

Vivi as lovely Rapunzel smiling in the camera.

Model: Vivy Corsage & Blouse by Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt Photographer: Simon Stark

Avengers inspired Iron Man dress.

Model: Sara.Saoe Pattern by Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt Photographer: Vincent Tam

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